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New in Agent 7

With the release of Agent 7, Forté has re-engineered Agent's internal data structures to accommodate the capacity and size-related issues created by the huge growth of Usenet data. These features include:

Windows 8 Compatible

Agent 7 supports Windows XP → Windows 8.

Article Number Expansion

To meet the rapid growth of data on Usenet, we have updated Agent to store 64-bit article numbers.

Optimized Message Retrieval

Agent now retrieves message bodies by Message ID or Article Number to improve efficiency and reliability.

Improved Saving of Attachments

We've improved the process of saving binary attachments to speed up performance and help prevent Agent's folders from filling up.

Improved Connectivity with SMTP Servers

Agent 7 has updated SMTP (outbound email) login options to keep pace with changes made by service providers.

Optimized for Binaries

Binary Newsgroups

Automatically joins multi-part binaries and supports yEnc encoding.

NZB Support

Automatically handles NZB files, streamlining the process of downloading of large binaries.

Image Preview

Previews binary images, making it ideal for sampling newsgroups.

Saving Attachments

Gives you complete control over how and where to save binary files on you computer.


Integrates seamlessly with RAR and PAR files.

Folder Schemes

Pre-configured with schemes for binary and text groups making it easy to download files.

Text Newsgroups

Provides a rich set of commands for search, navigation, and filtering for text newsgroups.

Manage All Your Servers

Multiple News Servers

Gets headers and bodies independently from servers you specify. If a server becomes unavailable Agent switches to another.

Virtual News Servers

Automatically combines the content from multiple servers to fill in missing message parts.

Usenet Automation

Prioritizes headers and body downloads using tasks that run in parallel, fully utilizing servers and connections.

Maximize Connections

Automatically detects and utilizes the maximum number of connections available on your news server.

Integrated Email Reader

Safe Internet Email

Send and receive email seamlessly from multiple POP accounts and SMTP servers while avoiding viruses and trojans.

Safe HTML Downloads

Renders HTML messages on your terms and will only download images from the contacts you trust.

Protect Your Identity

Route by Identity (RBI)

Learns to route and file email automatically as you drag messages to folders.

Multiple Personas

Lets you create multiple identities, so Usenet groups and email recipients see only the person you want them to see.

Persona Protection

Automatically memorizes what personas you use as you enter contacts on a new email and advises you of any conflicts.

Multiple Email Accounts

Collects email from multiple POP accounts, sends via multiple SMTP servers.

Adaptive Junk Filtering

Combines advanced Bayesian statistics with identity management to remove junk messages without losing messages from your trusted contacts.

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Includes a free 3-month Agent Premium Usenet account


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